Channel I to air ‘Feluda’ series


8th September, 2017 08:58:56 printer

Channel I to air ‘Feluda’ series

'Shyeal Debotar Rohosso', the first episode of popular fictional detective series 'Feluda' written by noted Indian writer Satyajit Ray, will be aired at 'Channel I' on Saturday evening.


The programme will start at 7:50 pm.


Parambrata Chatterjee, a prominent actor of Kolkata in India, will play the role of 'Feluda' while Riddhi Sen, another West Bengal actor, will appear as Topshe, cousin of Feluda who always accompanies the detective.


Satyajit's son Sandip Ray has sold the copyrights of 35 Feluda stories for making a television series in Bangladesh to Candy Production and Tom Creations recently.


Other three episodes -- Ghurghutia'r Ghotona' (The incident of Gurguti), Gangtokey Gondogol (Trouble in Gangtok), and 'Golokdam Rohosso' -- of the breathtaking detective series will be aired very soon.


Zia Uddin Adil, Shahriar Shakil and Gousul Alam Shaon have been producing it for Candy Productions, while Shaon and Kolkata-based writer Padmanav Dasgupta have been writing the screenplay.


The audience will enjoy this series on from Bangladesh while other audiences will find it on from everywhere in the world.