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All you need to know about Ram Nath Kovind’s swearing in: 21 gun salutes, change of seats

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  • 25th July, 2017 12:10:34 PM
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All you need to know about Ram Nath Kovind’s swearing in: 21 gun salutes, change of seats


President-elect Ram Nath Kovind, outgoing President Pranab Mukherjee and many others will have a hectic Tuesday as the new head of the state will be sworn in at Parliament’s Central Hall, reports Hindustan Times.


Kovind will be India’s 14th President and his tenure will start from this afternoon after he takes the oath.


The 71-year-old will accompany President Mukherjee on the way to Parliament from Rashtrapati Bhavan in the morning. Both of them will travel in the same car.


While going to the Parliament House, the President’s body guard will give a salute to the outgoing President. But when the two will return to Rashtrapati Bhavan from Parliament after the swearing in, the President’s body guard will salute the new President.


In Parliament, the Union home secretary will seek Mukherjee’s permission to start the ceremony. The Chief Justice of India will administer the oath to the President. Members of Parliament, former MPs, chief ministers of different states, foreign dignitaries, and other VVIPs will be present during the swearing-in ceremony for the new President.


After Kovind is sworn in, there will be a 21 gun salute to announce that the new President has been sworn in.


“In old days, there was no modern way of communication. So, the gun salute was given to let people know that the country has got a new President,” said a Rashtrapati Bhavan source.


At the beginning of the ceremony, Mukherjee would be sitting on the left and Kovind will sit on his right side. After the swearing in, the two will also change their seats.


The home secretary will then seek the new President’s permission for the closure of the ceremony.


The new President and his predecessor will come to Rashtrapati Bhavan and after a small break, Kovind will accompany Mukherjee to the latter’s new residence at Rajaji Marg.


Finance minister Arun Jaitley will be at Rajaji Marg to receive Kovind and Mukherjee.