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Healthy indulgence

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  • 5th July, 2017 02:47:33 PM
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Travelling to a foreign land is exciting and even weeks before leaving, you’re all set with all kinds of to-eat, to-enjoy, to-visit, to-buy lists. In midst of the fun and excitement, we often neglect our diets or our body’s special needs. A part of it is fair: First, it’s a vacation and second, you don’t know the right food and places to eat. Hence, every day ends up becoming a cheat day.


So, how do we travel and enjoy local delicacies responsibly? How not to let our excitement affect our health? Here’s how:


Instead of striving for a cheat day, have a cheat meal: Every day, pick one meal to be your cheat meal so that you don’t miss any kind of local cuisines. For the rest of the day, stick to your normal diet. This way, there wouldn’t be a day where you’ll hit the hay dissatisfied or disappointed by your cravings.



Clarity and specificity are of essence: Most people would advise you to set rules for yourself like eat less than usual or eat healthier. Let me tell you, such vague rules never stick when you’re out on an exploration. You don’t know what to consume and what to avoid because you’re unaware of most of the dishes. At times, portion sizes mess your diet. Therefore, make sure your rules are specific: One cheat meal but four servings of whole grains every day and only one (smallest) packet of convenience food, if on road. Such rules will ensure that your body is not deprived of any essential nutrition even in a new country.


Pay attention to your research: When you see a food being cooked in front of you, you know what’s going into its making and whether it’s healthy for you. However, that’s difficult when you’re travelling. Therefore, before reaching your destination, spend some quality time studying the food and traditions of the place you’re visiting. Learn the name of their dishes and how they are cooked. Understand what local items they use as a substitute of what is used here in your native land and find out if that would suit your body. This homework is necessary if you’re serious about returning full of beans from the vacation.


Over to you: While travelling could open you up to different foods and cooking styles, it could also leave you indulgent. It can hinder your path of staying on diet. This is where self-imposed rules become crucial. Apart from the three tips shared above, you must make use of technology and local guides to stay on track. Explore the place on-foot, dine with the local people, and while you create some fond memories, keep up with health in an organic, non-fuss way. Wish you a healthy vacation!