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WB finds road construction cost in Bangladesh world’s highest

  • Sun Online Desk
  • 20th June, 2017 08:02:23 PM
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The World Bank has revealed that the road construction cost in Bangladesh is higher than any other country of the world.


On Tuesday, the world’s financial custodian disclosed this presenting a list of infrastructure cost, especially in road construction that shows the cost of per kilometre high road construction is $2.5 million to $11.9 million in Bangladesh, which is the highest in the world, UNB reports.


It shows the cost of per kilometre road construction is between $35,900 and $45,600 in India, $63,100 in Nepal, $59,500 in Thailand, $40,700 in Bulgaria, $55,200 in Brazil, $60,800 in the Philippines, $73,000 in Nigeria and $85,400 in Vietnam. The cost was calculated on the basis of the cost between 2005 and 2007.


Zahid Hossain said there might be some reasons like terrain of lands and some others aspects for differences between the costs in different countries. But the major reason of such highest cost in Bangladesh is corruption.


"Due to limited competition of tender for award of works creates scope of corruption which ultimately pushes up the cost," he said.