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Why you should visit Pokhara when in Nepal

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  • 18th June, 2017 03:45:27 PM
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"If you are visiting Nepal, you must spend a day or two in Pokhara," a frequent traveler to Nepal said. But, why visit Pokhara?


Endowed with heavenly landscape and scenery, Pokhara is a truly refreshing getaway from the crowded capital Kathmandu. The weather is so fine. It's magical, cool and blissful here.


And, like a purple dream, the Lakeside looks like a beautiful painting. Its view at dawn and dusk is dreamlike. Dotted with pretty boats painted in bright yellow, green, blue and red in the backdrop of clear blue water and green Himalayan ranges, its captivating sight makes you come alive with untold joy.


But, it is the densely forested Phewa Tal, the second largest lake in Nepal, which is most enchanting. Set in the Queen's Forest in the southwestern part of the region, the dark green lake lies quiet, yet looming. You can rent a boat and sail around the lake for a gripping and thrilling experience. The place is also popular as a wildlife delight. During the day, one can spot many different birds.


The best thing to do while you are in Pokhara is to trek around and explore the beautiful nooks and corners of the place where you will find prettily done-up cool traditional huts and houses, fields of yellow mustard flowers, caves, waterfalls and the gleaming Seti River that winds deep into the town.


The trek beyond the Phewa Tal and up the mountain leads to the World Peace Pagoda. Built by Japanese monks, the beautiful white pagoda attracts a lot of foreign tourists. From up here the panoramic view of the lake is a majestic sight.


For those who are keen to visit temples, one can travel to old Pokhara. Here, you can visit the decade-old Bhimsen Temple and the Bindhya Basini Temple of goddess Durga, among others. Around the temples are many small shops selling indigenous crafts and artifacts of different Hindu and Buddhist deities. You can shop around here if you need to buy souvenirs of the place to take back home.


There are museums to visit too. The visit to International Mountain Museum can leave you inspired and motivated to travel beyond. The museum is dedicated to the mountains of Nepal and mountaineers who climbed the mountains and created history. Then, there is the Gurkha Museum of the Gurkha Regiment.


Above all, the beautiful small cottages, warm and helpful locals make your stay here most comfortable and rejuvenating, and your journey meanin