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In Assam's fragrant tea gardens

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  • 11th June, 2017 02:31:48 PM
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As the hot summer sun shines down, the musky fragrance of new budding tea leaves and its small white blossoms fills the air as you walk through the tea gardens in Assam. Like a fresh green carpet thrown over a hill slope or the great plains of the river Brahmaputra, the captivating view of the sprawling ever green tea plantations here is pure delight.


Owing to the popularity of the tea and its mesmerising scenic beauty, tea gardens are one of the main tourist attractions of the state.  And, a visit to any of the tea gardens in the state is a thrilling experience any traveller would bring home to tell stories about life in a tea garden.


It was way back in 1823 that Robert Bruce discovered the plant in Assam—camellia sinensis. Today, one can spot hundreds of tea gardens as you travel across the state. The road to any town here has tea gardens and betel plantation sprawled on both sides of it. The state, today, has over 850 tea estates and 2,500 tea gardens. The best tea gardens are found in Jorhat--Tea Capital of the World!


While you are in the Tea Capital of the World, take a walk in the cool and peaceful tea gardens.  A day spent with the workers in the shadow of refreshing green surroundings, sipping freshly brewed Indian chai is an experience you will cherish.


Also, in view of its sunny climate and rich natural resources, Jorhat is named one of the sunshine cities of Assam by the central government. Known for many historical monuments, it is a place worth visiting if you are keen to learn about the Assamese history and culture. In fact, it is the last capital of the Ahom kingdoms. As cultural activities are promoted to preserve the heritage of the place, it is also called the ‘Cultural capital of Assam’.


Other places well known for beautiful tea gardens and estates in the state are Tejpur, Dibrugarh and Sonitpur.


Interesting facts about Assam tea


Asia’s largest tea factory and tea garden is in Assam


Assam produces black, green and white tea


Assam has the largest tea plantation area -  about 216200 hectares


Tea gardens in Assam alone produce more than half of the tea production in India


Assam produces over 400 million kg of tea yearly and is exported to different countries in the world