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‘VisaThing!’ to assist students in visa processing

  • Kamrun Nahar Maya
  • 8th June, 2017 12:00:00 AM
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‘VisaThing!’ to assist
students in visa processing

Not every student wants to go to the US, UK or Australia. There are students who would like to go for higherstudies to uncommon destinations likeIreland, New Zealand, Ghana, Taiwan etc. These countries, and many others not listed above, do not have embassies in Bangladesh. Managing offer letters and arranging all the required documents to apply from a different country are quite difficult. Getting the admission does not end the story here. They have to get ready for visa processing as well. Attaining a visa is not that simple for most Bangladeshi travelers due to various reasons, particularly if they have to go to a third country (India/Sri Lanka) to have their visa lodged. The whole process is an exorbitantly costly, time consuming, and often extremely confusing process for students.


To address this challenge, offers solutions to encourage those students to apply to countries such as Serbia, Romania, Ghana, Ireland, and New Zealand, Montenegro, Macedonia etc. If you have an offer letter in your hand, VISAThing! is ready to offer you the best visa logistic support for more than 70 countries that do not have embassies in Bangladesh. This service is not only for the students; all travelers including business professionals and travelers can avail the service as well. It assists Bangladeshi citizens to apply for any category visas. It also provides another vital serviceof legalizing documents from a third country. Legalizing includes legalization/authentication/apostille from New Delhi.


VISAThing! is expert in providing customized visa consultancy support for Bangladeshi nationals studying the background and travel history of the applicants.


In addition, their website offers detailed updated visa information for 200 countries so that people can get credible and appropriate information to submit their applications.


To avail any of the services, visit / call +88 0175 551 3809