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Brazilian doctors use Tilapia fish skin to treat burn victims

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  • 3rd June, 2017 09:00:50 AM
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Tilapia are mainly freshwater fish, and are counted among the most favourite seafood dish throughout the world. But, doctors in Brazil have recently discovered a new method to make use of the aquatic animal. The skin of this fish is now being used for treating severe skin burns, as the skin is filled with moisture and collagen to help promote the healing process.


Scientists at Federal University of Ceara in Brazil have found this new way of treating skin burns and scars. Surprisingly, they have used the method for about 56 patients.


While the treatment is still in clinical trials but scientists have assured that the treatment is less painful than using gauze bandage, which needs regular changing. Not just that, doctors have also said that the patient’s skin will not retain the fish smell after the burn healing treatment procedure is over.


In this treatment, fish skin is simply left on the patient’s burned skin until their own skin begins to scar. However, in cases of severe burn injuries, the tilapia skin may need to be changed.


If, in the near future, this experiment is proven effective, it could be useful in more impoverished areas that do not have ready access to typical burn-healing tools.


“We got a great surprise when we saw that the amount of collagen proteins, types 1 and 3, which are very important for scarring, exist in large quantities in tilapia skin, even more than in human skin and other skins,” Dr Edmar Maciel, a burn specialist at the institute, said to Stat News in an interview.


The most important aspects of this treatment is that it is proving to be cheaper than current burn treatments.


Source: Indian Express