Super-Specialised Hospital Of BSMMU

A Mega Project To Improve Health Service

Morshedul Alam Mohabat & Aslam Aronnho

18th May, 2017 09:42:36 printer

A Mega Project To Improve Health Service

Quality health service is a must for achieving health equity and ensuring healthy life for every citizen. And to guarantee health care services, it must be confirmed that everyone living in this country has the access to all kinds of health services. Otherwise disparities in access to health services may affect individuals and society to a great extent. And as far as health services are concerned, our country’s health sector is still facing a lot of challenges in regard of providing basic health facilities to the people suffering from abject poverty and poses major barriers to achieving health-related goals and objectives.


There is no denying the fact that the private healthcare services have become almost out-of-reach for the poor. The patients coming from poor and low income families can hardly afford such expensive treatment. So, they can never take any facilities from these precious private hospitals whereas the public health facilities in the country are inadequate for the people. Thus, the poor people are widely being excluded from receiving essential healthcare service. With a view to minimizing this problem the government has taken many steps in the recent past. One of those initiatives is the decision of setting up a ‘super-specialized hospital’. As per the plan, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) will set up a 13-storied 1000-bed specialized hospital on 3.8 acres, jointly financed by the Republic of Korea and Ministry of Health, Govt. of Bangladesh. The construction work of the hospital began at the end of 2016 and the project is expected to be finished within December, 2019.



First of all, 11-storied will be completed for 700 beds, financed by the Republic of Korea. Republic of Korea will provide 130 Million USD Dollar loan on only 0.01% interest on this project and the construction work will be completed by a Korean Company. They will train our 80 doctors, 30 nurses and 20 officials for this project.


Under the project, emergency medical care centre would be established at the BSMMU specialised hospital apart from setting up gastroenterology and hepatobiliary centre, child and mother healthcare centre, cardio and cerebro vascular centre, kidney diseases centre, ICU and central diagnostic and pathology department. According to the proposed plan, the hospital will include a 100-bed intensive care unit (ICU), a 50-bed neo-natal ICU, a 50-bed high dependency unit, a 50-bed paediatric ICU, a neurosurgery unit and some modern operation theatres.


The BSMMU, earlier known as PG hospital, provide treatment to the poor people but the emergency treatment facilities are still inadequate. Besides, as so many people rush to this hospital with their health complications, the hospital fail to accommodate growing patients owing to its shortage of doctors and other facilities. Officials related to this project opine that the hospital will enhance emergency support facilities once the construction is completed.


Prof. Md. Zulfiqur Rahman Khan, project director and chairman of the Department of Surgery, BSMMU, said about the under-construction hospital, “This hospital is expected to decrease the burden of hundreds of patients coming to BSMMU hospital everyday. This hospital will provide service to everyone like other public hospitals of the country. In particular, the government has approved this project with a view to proving quality health service to the poor people.


However it is true that there will be arrangements for VIP patients as well in this hospital.”


In short, this is a praiseworthy initiative after all. When the construction work will be completed and it will start providing service to the patients, hopefully this will contribute to a great extent to minimize the existing problems in the public health sector.