BBIN to explore water resources from other sources

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1st February, 2015 02:33:56 printer

BBIN to explore water resources from other sources

Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal (BBIN) reached an agreement to work jointly to explore water resources from other sources available in the sub-region.

The four South Asian countries discussed the scope of power trade and inter-grid connectivity among them.

The South Asian countries reached an agreement at the second Joint Working Group (JWG) meetings on Sub-Regional Cooperation on Water Resources Management and Power/Hydropower and on Connectivity and Transit among the four countries held in New Delhi on Friday-Saturday.

The JWG agreed to exchange lists of potential future hydropower/power projects to be undertaken jointly.

The JWG on Connectivity and Transit agreed on the significance of BBIN agreements to enable movement of motor vehicles and railways.

The meeting exchanged ideas on potential cargo (both roads and railways) and bus routes, involving at least three countries in addition to the existing bilateral routes.

The next meeting of the JWGs will be held in the second half of the current year in Bangladesh.