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Darjeeling’s most charming tea estates

Darjeeling’s most charming tea estates



Besides its quaint eateries, vibrant markets hidden in busy lanes and hilltops that are home to stunning vistas, there is a range of charming tea estates that stand apart in the list of places to visit in Darjeeling.


Tea was first introduced to this Himalayan city in West Bengal in the mid-19th century by the British, and these sprawling tea estates are still reminiscent of that culture.


A trip to these vast stretches of tea plantations is all about misty mornings, tea leaves blooming under the sun, endless walks discovering various types of tea and of course, sipping your favourite brew. Here’s your guide to exploring the best tea gardens of Darjeeling.


Glenburn Tea Estate


Step into the idyllic world of Glenburn, a tea estate established by Scottish tea planters in 1860. It sprawls over 1600 acres of verdant forests, rolling hills, tea picker villages and a pair of river valleys.


Makaibari Tea Estate


Makaibari Tea Estate, the producer of Darjeeling’s costliest tea, was established in 1859—making it one of the oldest family-owned tea gardens in Darjeeling.


Happy Valley Tea Estate


Wandering through tea gardens settled on the gentle hill slopes of Darjeeling is the perfect way to start your day at the Happy Valley Tea Estate.


Chamong Tea Estate


Nestled in the misty hills of Darjeeling, Chamong Tea Estate stretches over 900 acres of lush green land that houses a tea plantation, a tea factory and a village for the tea pickers.


Gomtee Tea Resort


Lesser known than its famous neighbours Makaibari and Glenburn, visitors at Goomtee get to stay in a 100-year-old heritage bungalow at a height of about 4000 feet, with sweeping views of the valleys and mountains.


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