Eye shadows you should avoid

30th January, 2015 11:40:09 printer

Eye shadows you should avoid

Eyes speak the beautiful story that your heart fails to tell. It has a unique language of its own through which it communicates. So, the more beautiful the eyes look, the more expressive they can be to tell that beautiful story. Some women accidentally lay their hands on some ugly colors of eye shadow and end up with a not-so-impressive story. You might have gone through endless advice that tells you which colors to choose, but here we are going to talk about which ones to avoid.

Women have a strong tendency of matching their accessories, their lip colors, their foot wears with their outfit but an exception should definitely be given to the colors of eye shadow. While picking up a color for your eye shadow you should be focusing on primarily three things- Skin Color, Eye Color, Hair Color

For all you dusky beauties, try avoiding white and ashy shades as they fail to make a distinct effect on your eyes. If you have a ‘snow white’ skin, then you should avoid blending shades of silver and grey as they have a tendency of giving you a bruised looks rather than making it luring.If your eye color is as blue as the ocean, you should avoid dashing on shades of lilacs and baby blues as it will give you the out of favor ‘80s looks. If you are born with a brown eye color, then you are truly blessed to try almost all eye shadow shades except yellow, which will give you a pale and washed out look. If emeralds are what defines your color, then you should stay away from a color like silver.

Your hair has quite a part to play in your choice of eye shadows. Women born with black hair should avoid plain brown eye shadows; rather they should couple it up with some highlight or a slight shimmer because a plain brown will make their eyes look smaller. Blondes should avoid highlighting their eyes with silver and pearl eye shadow.

So, keep beautifying your eyes and keep telling beautiful stories to the entire world. There are lots of great brands available that you can doll up with. Make sure you sleep amply. After all, tired eyes are not just a spoiler but also mean a lot of stress. Cut the stress out and shadow the eyes up! Go gorgeous gals.