Local investment proposals rise by 28 pc in Q3

3rd May, 2017 02:09:16 printer

Local investment proposals rose by 28.80 percent during January-March quarter (Q3) of 2016-17 financial year (FY17), according to the latest data of the Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).


During the three months, BIDA received proposals for investing a total of Taka 29 thousand 680 crore 16 lakh from the local entrepreneurs for investing in 469 industrial units, which in term of value was 28.80 percent higher than the proposed amount in the previous quarter of FY17, reports BSS.


The proposed amount was Taka 23 thousand 44 crore 13 lakh for 444 industrial units of October to December quarter.


From January to March, BIDA received from overseas investors for investing a total of Taka seven thousand 537 crore 27 lakh for investing in 20 fully foreign owned industrial units and 21 joint venture units with local entrepreneurs.


During January to March period, BIDA received proposals for investing a total of Taka 37 thousand 217 crore 43 lakh from the local and the foreign entrepreneurs for investing in 510 industrial units.


According to BIDA, the highest number of proposals came for the service industrial sector, which was 31.15 percent of the total proposed amount.


The chemical industries came next with 17.58 percent followed by textile with 10.51 percent, food and allied with 12.52 percent, Engineering with 4.76 percent and others 23.48 percent.


The BIDA said that the investment proposal from local and foreign entrepreneurs would create a total of 73 thousand 797 jobs in the newly 510 registered industrial units.