The Beauty Industry

28th January, 2015 06:53:28 printer

The Beauty Industry

Interview of beauty expert, Naureen Hassan

In the competitive market of the beauty sector, sometimes clients not only want fast service but they can even be fastidious about minor details.  They may lag behind in trends for which parlours become their sole refuge. Sometimes, some parlours even fail to be compatible enough in this highly competitive market. To know more about the latest trends, what’s happening and what’s outré and exactly where the future of parlours are going, we talk to Naureen Hassan, owner of Studio Salon, a parlour in brand sponsorship with Unilever. 
“Having a parlour means giving a perpetual effort and time to make one’s dreams come true,” said Naureen. “Going to a parlour is like going to a doctor- its goodwill is not established overnight. But clients’ satisfaction, trust and long term relationship is created throughout time for which a parlour, once founded, needs to be consistent in keeping up to the expectations of its clients. This can be a very tricky job.”  Naureen said this is the very reason why many parlours do not prosper in the long run. “There are thousands of parlours in the city, with few mushrooming up every day!,” she added. “However, very little effort is put on learning by the majority of these parlour owners. This is very sad. Out of the many parlours that thrive every day, only the ones that are passionate and devoted get to make it in the long run.”
Naureen pointed out an unscrupulous practice of many new comers in the industry. “They steal trained workers!” she said. “I train my staff for a year before allowing them to practice in my salon so that they provide the best service. After the training they are sent to Loreal Academy to learn about hair colouring, etc. However, it is a common practice for most of these girls to leave immediately after they are trained not only in my parlour but in many others. There should be a respect of contract and a commitment. Sometimes the new beauty parlour which hires these trained staff by offering them a bigger salary than the previous parlour is owned by such a person who is not at all educated about this industry. This can be very alarming as well, since they are not experienced enough to conduct an efficient service. Moreover, the staff that betrays the previous parlour for them can also in turn betray them.“ Naureen further added that all these problems could have been sorted if there was some kind of unity or association of the parlours. “In this industry, it’s every person for himself/herself. There is no unity because everybody is only seeing their own advantages. And so they are not willing to work together in most cases. However, if there was an association, I think the beauty industry would have had a synergy and a positive outcome in the long run as many potential and current problems could have been solved together. As the clichéd phrase goes, ‘United we stand, divided we fall.’ “

Naureen however is not going to enlist her name in the category of parlour owners of ephemeral nature. “This is my passion. I am a constant learner. Every 3 months I go for training in different countries. I want to keep myself updated with the current trends. One advantage of having an academic background is that you can stay updated. I always email to the academy in Singapore where I have learnt on what’s latest and they mail me back. From there I filter out what’s appropriate to be applied in Bangladesh as the trends of the two countries are not always compatible. Sometimes a fusion occurs. But this is how I try to stay updated as much as possible even now after so many years.”

About the latest trend in hairstyle, Naureen who is very much au fait with what’s new said, “Ombre or deep dye is definitely in the season. This is a type of hairstyle that has lighter hues at the bottom and darker colour at the top, which makes the hair look like it is standing out. Ombre has been there in fashion since the beginning of 2013 and it is still very dominant in the scene. Layer cut is such a style that had never really completely left the fashion scene. Perhaps because this is the only cut that enables the client to keep a long hair, with slight adjustments makes it so suitable for all time. In layer cut, there are different types and lengths of making the layers, but more or less, the entire style remains the same, For guys, the latest fashion is definitely trimming in the sides and styling the longer hair on the top- a style pioneered by David Beckham. Fashion also varies from country to country. For example in Singapore, now the hottest trend is short hair. Over there they would cut their hair short and apply multicolor highlighting but our culture would still consider such to be a ‘too wild fashion statement’. While fashion comes in and out of the seasons, its application yet varies from person to person. For example I wouldn’t do Ombre on somebody with a very dark complexion. It wouldn’t suit her. Red lips are in the season but again, this is not going to suit everybody.”
Talking more on the latest make up trends, Naureen said that when it comes to make up, there is really no austere look that stays intact for months, but it is something that is transitional every day and for everybody. “A change in hairstyle trends is more distinct because hairstyle is something that we would keep for at least a few months. But the same cannot be said about make up. We definitely would want to look different every day and not put on the same make up for months! That is why it is really hard to discern a specific make up trend.”

It is not just about looking good for a short time but about gaining an overall healthy skin and hair, which means one needs to take care. “A lot of damage is done these days by straightening hair, highlighting it, etc that completely damages the hair.  It is always good to use a heat protector since too much heating of the hair can damage it.” It is also very important to take care of the skin. Fruit facials are very popular such as pumpkin peel is gaining popularity very fast. This powerful antioxidant treatment brightens and rejuvenates while smoothing skin texture and providing pore clearing action. This treatment exfoliates with Salicyclic acid and draws impurities out of the skin, making it healthy and radiant. The European facials such as facelift massage, steam and essential oils, etc are becoming very prominent in this country as well.
Naureen said in the future, the beauty industry ought to offer more parlours that are specialized in one specific service, like hair cutting, or manicure/pedicure, etc as it is done in abroad instead of providing all the services at once. “It’s high time that we try to emulate that practice of going to specialized centres in our own culture.”