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Prefer going solo while travelling? Think again

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  • 20th April, 2017 03:09:24 PM
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Prefer going solo while travelling? Think again


Travelling by oneself is becoming a growing trend but imagine companionship and comfort of likeminded people creating amazing memories that you might treasure for the rest of your life, and in a budget that would not kill your pocket?


Travelling is one of the most beautiful things that you can experience with someone, and holidaying with a group of people can be fruitful.


* Broaden your perspective: Travelling with a group allows you to meet culturally different people, who you wouldn’t normally meet in your local area! Get a chance to have some deep conversations with people of different backgrounds and perspectives. They would offer a chance to see the world with a whole new vision and give deeper insights about reality.


* Budget friendly: Not only a group travel is an excellent value for money, but it also helps in planning the budget in advance! Group travel splits every little cost like accommodation, guides and transportation among the entire group, giving you a valuable experience for every rupee spent.


And once you have already paid for the trip, all you need to take care of are your beers and local shopping, thus fulfilling your wanderlust dreams without burning a hole in your pocket!


* Take a deep breath and relax: If you are a lazy ass and a big fat procrastinator, with no organisational skills, because of who you are as a person, and have faked enough of it in the job that you hate, then it’s time to get real! Group travel is a blessing in disguise. For once, you would have someone act as a personal assistant to take care of all the planning and implementation of your travel needs. The only responsibility you take is to sit back, relax and explore the beauty of the place without having to take any hassle.


* Safety matters: It would be an excellent idea to give up on all the safety worries while travelling with company, as large groups are least likely to be a target of the threat. Be assured of your luggage and in case of any problem or an injury, know that you have a large number of people to back you up.


* Explore more: Different people bring vast experience and knowledge to the trip. They might take you places that are yet to be explored, or have the better local knowledge, which will bring you face to face with different local cultures and wildlife.