Tips for a tech-free holiday | 2014-12-28

Tips for a tech-free holiday

28th December, 2014 01:49:59 printer

Tips for a tech-free holiday

A vacation where you’re disconnected from the rest of the world is a great way to beat stress.

While the idea of this may fill you with dread, the best evidence of the benefits of a digital detox come from feeling truly relaxed. No beeping, no pinging, and no incessant demands — for however long you choose. Experts believe technology is making us more impatient, forgetful and narcissistic. It’s even changing the way we sleep, leaving our brains too wired to get a decent break. A recent survey conducted abroad showed that 34% of the respondents felt so overwhelmed by technology that they felt the need to escape from it. The same could be true for some of us as well. Here are a few suggestions for when you need to give yourself some downtime:
Be sure to create an out-of-office reply beforehand for your emails, during the time you are away from the office.
Make a conscious effort to not look at your phone every few minutes in anticipation of a new mail or a social network message notification. Consider turning off your data services for most of the day and use your phone for just the basic functions.
Unless it’s really necessary, consider leaving your phone behind in your room for short periods while you are holidaying. You do not need your phone to be at arm’s reach when you are lounging by a pool or having breakfast in your hotel restaurant.