How to give time to your relationship | 2014-12-28

How to give time to your relationship

28th December, 2014 11:52:08 printer

How to give time to your relationship

Not every relationship will see immediate sparks flying and that instant connect and a great chemistry.

Every relationship needs a gestation period and the period differs from person to person. Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the understanding and trust comes gradually. This makes it important to give each other time to understand and build trust in a relationship that will benefit two souls in the long run. Here is how to go about a steady relationship:
Understanding personal preferences
It is not necessary for both of you think and feel alike. Personal preferences change and it is here that making some moves to understanding each other's likes and dislikes comes handy.
Respect each other
A condescending look is what avoidable if you wish your relationship to bloom. Giving respect to your partner's thoughts and beliefs is a positive way to start a healthy relation. You can take it forward by valuing each other's inputs on the way you guys lead your life.
Share perspective
Everyone has a unique perspective on life. Sharing that will only make you get closer and understand each other better. So, while you spend time together, don't hesitate to talk about what vision you have about the world outside and about life.
Spend time together
Spending time together need not be an expensive affair. It can be done at home and in a quieter place. But during the initial days of a relationship when both of you are new, spending ample time with each other brings two person even close.