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Sikkim encompasses amazing natural beauty of Himalayas

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  • 1st February, 2017 03:32:53 PM
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Sikkim is the second smallest state in India, and is wedged between Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and West Bengal, but encompasses an amazing range of pristine natural beauty of the Himalayas.


The Sikkimese call their land ‘Ney Mayal Lyang’ that translates to ‘heaven.’


Sikkim is located in the north eastern part of India, but is not a part of the Seven Sister states.


The state is famous for dazzling waterfalls, virgin forests, Tibetan style Buddhist Gompas, alpine meadows, rhododendron flowers and more.


Kanchenjunga at 8598 m is the third highest peak in the world, and lies in Sikkim.


More than 60 percent of the former Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim is mountainous, and there are sizeable numbers of 6000 m peaks on the eastern and western borders of the state.