Election Commission likely to introduce DVM from next general election

ANM Mohibub Uz Zaman

30th January, 2017 10:03:17 printer

Election Commission likely to introduce DVM from next general election

The Election Commission is likely to introduce digital voting machine (DVM) instead of electronic voting machine (EVM) from the 11th parliamentary election.


The DVM will be used on a small scale in parliamentary by-election and other local government elections as test cases before the 11th parliamentary election, said some EC officials, adding that the EVM system will not exist through the introduction of DVM.


Election commissioner Mohammad Abdul Mobarak said DVM is a technology based proper voting machine. There is no chance of vote rigging or irregularities through this machine.


“A voter can exercise his/her voting rights after completing three steps. At first, he/she has to enter the polling centre showing smart NID card. He/she has to swipe the NID card to a machine and then he/she has to give fingerprints. Completing all those procedure, a voter can exercise his/her vote,” he said.


He said, “There will be a digital information board at the vote centre. Presiding officer and voters waiting in the queue can see the number of voters through the board.”


A proposal has been ready regarding this comprising an expert committee, he said, adding that the present EC will not keep any suggestion in this regard to the upcoming EC.


Election Commissioner Shah Nawaz said, “The main security feature of a DVM machine is fingerprint option. The voting machine will become active if the fingerprint of a voter matches. If the fingerprint does not match, then the machine will not become active.”


“The machine will shut off automatically soon after completion of a vote and then it needs to be made active again through a new fingerprint. So, there is no chance to give fake vote or double vote through one fingerprint. One cannot cast another one’s vote through this machine,” he added.


Earlier on January 20, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Rakibuddin Ahmed said they introduced digital voting machine on an experimental basis that will be flawless and no one can hack DVM.


Former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) ATM Shamsul Huda introduced the electronic voting machine (EVM) to modernise the polling process and the system has become a source of embarrassment for the EC.


The much-hyped machines have remained out of order as the EC stopped using them after detecting errors in three units during city polls between 2011 and 2013.


The EC negotiated with the manufacturer, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), for a way out. But, BUET raised allegations of contract violation against the commission, adding to the embarrassment.


The EVM system was used in Chittagong City Corporation election, Narsingdi Municipal election and some wards of Narayanganj City Corporation election.