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Trump Mexico wall will destroy lives, Berlin mayor warns

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  • 28th January, 2017 09:12:40 AM
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The mayor of Berlin has pleaded with Donald Trump not to build a wall along America's southern border with Mexico.


Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller has urged US President Donald Trump "not to go down the road of isolation" with his planned border wall with Mexico.


Mr Mueller warned such divides cause "slavery and pain" and would "destroy the lives of millions".


"We Berliners know best how much suffering was caused by the division of an entire continent," Mr Mueller said in a statement, referring to Europe's "Iron Curtain".


"Our city cannot look on without comment when a country plans to build a new wall," he said in a statement.


"I call on the president not to go down the road of isolation," the statement reads (in German). "Mr President, don't build this wall."


The German city was divided by the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989.


Mr Mueller's statement came as Mr Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto agreed to "work out their differences" over the issue.


The planned wall was one of Mr Trump's key election campaign pledges, but it has cast a shadow over the US's relationship with its neighbour.