5G network must be handled better than 4G

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14th December, 2016 12:43:51 printer

5G network must be handled better than 4G


The rollout of the UK's future 5G mobile network must be handled better than 4G, according to a new report.


The National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) said there must be far fewer dead spots the next time round.


The current 4G network ranks only 54th in the world in terms of coverage.


The communications regulator's targets are based on the percentage of properties that have access to a mobile phone signal rather than coverage to all parts of the country.


All UK premises must receive a 4G signal by the end of next year and also making more airwaves available to boost mobile broadband.


They will shortly publish robust data on 4G in the UK, to help inform decisions on improving coverage.


A 5G standard does not yet exist, but the technology is expected to surpass 4G to provide faster data uploads and downloads when it is deployed, some time after 2020.


The NIC said mobile connectivity had become a "necessity" in society and 5G would play a crucial role in the economy.


The market has driven great advances since the advent of the mobile phone, but government must now play an active role to ensure that basic services are available wherever we live, work and travel, and our roads, railways and city centres must be made 5G-ready as quickly as possible, the report said.


Roadside networks needed to be made "fit for the future", while the railway network must "rapidly improve connectivity", it said.


The necessary infrastructure for both should be in place by 2025, the report said.


The NIC predicted the need for tens of thousands of small wireless cells in towns and cities for devices to connect to the 5G network.