Italian brand LOTTO brings personal care products

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12th December, 2016 08:23:28 printer

Italian brand LOTTO brings personal care products

Who is not in love with fragrances? Everyone is. From world famous stars to everyone else we all use perfumes these days. Therefore, in the midst of our busy lives, in order to keep ourselves fresh and vibrant, personal care products are a must-have. 


In the seasonal calendar, we are experiencing winter. In the cool welcoming breezes, we are altering our sense of taste, our clothes along with everything else.


To escape the cold we need to don our winterwear, along with that it is also important to select the right perfume, body spray, shampoo, shower gel, shaving foam, and aftershave lotion among other essential items to match our moods.

Italian brand LOTTO brings us an amazing range of personal care products in its winter collection this year. LOTTO leads the way in bringing perfumes, body sprays, shaving foams, aftershaves, shower gels and shampoos manufactured in Italy to Bangladesh.


Every product comes in four categories of fragrances - “Force, Speed, Power and Energy”. Because of heavy winterwear, ordinary body sprays cannot spread their fragrance, but LOTTO body sprays and perfumes give you a round the clock fragrant freshness and vibrancy in spite of winter.


LOTTO Italia has custom-made these four types of personal care products according to winterwear and body requirements. Ordinary perfumes are not long lasting on the dry and dull skin but LOTTO perfume ensures your continuous freshness. It will also perfectly suit your mood.


You can easily find these personal care products at affordable prices in your nearby LOTTO showroom.  Italian made LOTTO body sprays are available from the only Tk. 290, the perfumes range from Tk. 990 and in addition, you can purchase shaving foam, aftershave, shower gel and shampoo at very affordable prices.