Amazon axes Allah doormats, apologises | 2016-12-04

Amazon axes Allah doormats, apologises


4th December, 2016 02:47:38 printer

Amazon axes Allah doormats, apologises

Amazon online retailer has reportedly removed a doormat product from its website after criticism on social media that the mat with the word ‘Allah’ offends Muslims.


The retail giant has also apologised after outraged Muslims said they were offended by the product which allowed people to wipe their feet on Allah's name.


The online discussion, with people calling it “shameful” and “disrespectful,” has been reportedly going on since June, with people complaining that the retailer is ignoring their comments.


The story took a new course after the product was noticed earlier this month by Mariam Khan, a city councilor from Birmingham, UK. Later, she addressed Amazon on Twitter, complaining that the mats were “extremely offensive to Muslims.”


“Amazon, please remove these from your site immediately,” she wrote as well as making a post on Facebook on the issue.


The retail giant has now axed doormat and dog mat products bearing the prophet's name and stressed they had not meant to cause distress, reports a number of international news outlets.


Amazon said, the products were placed on its site by a third party seller, who simply used Amazon as a platform to sell its products.


Even though the product was removed from the website, people expressed their anger under Khan’s post.


“Disgraceful and shameful. We should stop using Amazon immediately. Islamophobia should not be allowed we don't insult others so please don't insult the Muslims,” one man wrote.


One more person suggested banning Amazon and “stop them trading.”


An online petition has been launched urging a boycott of Amazon. It states that: “Muslims all over the world are mortified by-products displayed on the Amazon platform containing the Arabic word for God (Allah) printed on door mats and other products available for sale.


There is also a doormat with Christian symbols, such as the cross and the one with a Star of David.