Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Bringing border killing to zero level requires some measures: Aziz

Outgoing Director General of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) Major General Aziz Ahmed on Tuesday said it had not been possible for them to bring the border killing to a zero level for lack of enough barbed-wire fences, good vehicles and roads along the border.


“This is the biggest challenge for BGB,” he told a press conference at the BGB headquarters.


Major General Aziz who has recently been promoted to Lieutenant General said India has already erected barbed-wire fences along its border which Bangladesh could not.


Noting that barbed-wire fences have to be erected leaving 150 yards from the zero line on each side of the border which is considered as no-man’s land, he said people venture near the fences thinking it zero line which leads to the border killing.


The outgoing BGB chief also said people would not have mistaken the fence as zero line had Bangladesh erected the fences along the border.


Mentioning that BGB members patrol the border on foot twice a day, he said they could have increased it to 20 times had the condition of roads along border been better. “We can’t utilise our capability for lack of roads,” he said.


Aziz said they have planned to constitute two BGB battalions who will be engaged in construction work like Bangladesh Army.


He also said the construction of 935 kilometres road along Indian border and 285 kilometres along Myanmar border is underway.


The outgoing BGB DG also said they have distributed some 1,410 motorcycles among BGB men and added dog squads to mobilise the patrol.


Mentioning that smugglers use poor people of border areas for carrying illegal products, he said the smuggling will come down if the economic condition of the frontier people is improved.


The BGB will also launch a project through Shimanto Bank in this regard, said Aziz.


Urging people to reduce dependency on Indian cattle, he said, “We should encourage cattle production locally. If we can increase the cattle production against the demand, the border killings will be decreased.”


He said it is not possible to fully maintain the border security manually, underscoring the need for digitising all kinds of activities, including checking.


Major General Aziz Ahmed also highlighted at the briefing his successes during his tenure.


Abul Hossain, who is working as military secretary to president M Abdul Hamid, will replace major general Aziz Ahmed.


Major general Aziz Ahmed’s service has been transferred to Armed Forces Division for his return to the Bangladesh Army.