Wednesday, 8 December, 2021

2-day ‘Lalon Mela’ to begin in Kushtia Nov 10

2-day ‘Lalon Mela’ to begin in Kushtia Nov 10

A two-day ‘Lalon Mela’ will begin at Lalon Akhra in Chheuria of Kushtia on November 10.


Bangladesh Shilapkala Academy and Lalon Academy will organise the fair with the support of the Kushtia district administration, said Shilapkala Academy Director General Liaquat Ali Lucky in a press briefing at office on Sunday.


He said the festival will not be just a fair. The aim of the fair is to add new dimension to Lalon practice, establish a Lalon institute to teach students about Lalon academically, he said.


Some Bauls from across the country will sing songs of Lalon in the fair.


The festival will also feature open discussions to spread the philosophy of Lalon among the next generation.


The festival will end on November 11.