Friday, 29 October, 2021

Security experts blame local admin for B’baria attacks

Security experts blame local admin for B’baria attacks

Security experts and noted personalities have blamed inactiveness of the local administration and local political leaders for the repeated attacks on the Hindu community members in Nasirnagar upazila of Brahmanbaria district.


They also said the repeated attacks on the minority community happened perhaps due to local politics and conflicts.


As the law enforcement agencies are yet to find out any instigation behind the October-30 attacks on the Hindu community’s temples, houses and business establishments, miscreants set fire to five more dwelling structures of the minority people there on Friday.


“The local administration has remained inactive as the attacks were outcome of the local politics and local conflicts,” security expert Maj Gen (retd) Abdur Rashid said.


He claimed that police have not arrested the culprits although they are known faces.


Another security expert Brig Gen (retd) M Sakhawat Hossain said it seems that there is a problem in the administrative management while public representatives did not play any positive role, which led to Friday’s fresh attack. “It’s the failure of the local administration,” he said.


About the October 30 attacks, he said there might be instigation from a quarter.


“We’ve the capacity to instantly investigate any cyber instigation. But, why we’ve not yet unearthed who carried out the attacks and why even after so many days? Why we couldn’t yet find out whether the accused person (Rasraj Das) made the instigating Facebook post or anyone else using his Facebook account?” he said.


Sociology Professor at Dhaka University Nehal Karim said it is the total failure of the local administration to prevent repeated attacks and wondered how the attacks took place amid the alertness of law enforcement agencies. “This needs to be found out who are behind the attacks,” he said.


Executive General Secretary of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajote Palash Kanti Dey also blamed local political groups for the attacks, alleging that those were carried out under the patronage of the local administration.


He suspected that a radical religious group was also behind the attacks.


“They (administration) didn’t try to prevent the attacks. The government has totally failed to protect the Hindu community there. The minority people are now suffering from a sense of insecurity,” Palash Kanti said.


Six minority families of the trouble-hit Nasirnagar have already left the country while 15 more families have decided to go to India, he claimed.


On October 30, an unruly mob equipped with sharp weapons went berserk and demolished a number of Hindu temples and nearly 100 houses in Nasirnagar upazila following a rumour of a Facebook post from a local fisherman demeaning the Holy Kaaba.