AL maintains uplift pace as it earned people's confidence: PM


19th October, 2016 12:25:15 printer

AL maintains uplift pace as it earned people's confidence: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Tuesday said Bangladesh Awami League has earned the confidence and trust of the people and has been able to maintain the pace of development by being energised with the strength of the people.


Sheikh Hasina, also the Awami League chief, said various local and international organisations had tried to oust her government from state power by making false allegations.


She said false allegations of corruption were brought against the Awami League government and the people were killed by burning to topple the government.


"But whatever hurdles and storms came, the party maintained the pace of socioeconomic uplift as it earned people's confidence and trust," she said.


The prime minister was delivering her introductory speech at a meeting of the preparatory committee of the upcoming National Council of the ruling Awami League at Ganabhaban, the official residence of the PM, here this evening.


The premier said the country achieved 7.1 percent GDP growth and alleviated poverty significantly as her government has been able to maintain the pace of socioeconomic uplift.


"Our aim is to further cut the poverty rate and to achieve the goal, we will have to work with specific target," she said.


Sheikh Hasina also expressed her optimism that Bangladesh will be able to attain the sustainable development goals (SDGs) like the millennium development goals (MDGs) if only Awami League remains in the power.


"If any party of looters comes in the power it will not be achieved, they will engage in looting, money laundering, amassing money, embezzling the money of orphans, while the people will again witness killing and repression," she said.


The Awami League chief said new leadership would be elected through the party council to achieve her government’s goal of building hunger and a poverty-free Bangladesh as dreamt by Bangabandhu.


Through the council, she said, new leadership would come out and thus will further strengthen the party.


She said the government would implement the programmes to free the country from the curse of hunger and poverty. "But the party will assist us so that we could accomplish this task smoothly," she said.


Terming Awami League as the oldest and traditional political party of the country, Sheikh Hasina said her government has been relentlessly working to eradicate poverty, fulfill basic needs and ensure improved living standard of the common people.


"Our government would utilize the remaining time of its present tenure to further advance the country," she said.


The premier said the country witnesses huge socio-economic development only when Awami League remains in power. "Awami League is a party of mass people it, played the leading role in all movements from language movement to war of liberation and struggled for realization of the people's rights," she said.


Coming down heavily on the previous government's of Zia, Ershad and Khaleda Zia, Sheikh Hasina said they played ducks and drakes with life of the people and amassed huge money and wealth through massive corruption.


Besides, they created elite classes in the society by giving various illegal facilities to them to establish their absolute control over the state power, she said.


Sheikh Hasina said the people of Bangladesh began to dream of a prosperous and developed country from the time when Awami League came to power in 1996 after long 21 years.


The government was able to increase food production, power generation capacity, literacy rate and reached service sectors to the door steps of the rural people while common people realised that the government was working as their servant, she said.


But, the country went backward again during the BNP-Jamaat alliance rule as literacy rate, power generation and food production declined massively, while activities of all pro-people projects like community clinics, Ekti Bari Ekti Khamar were stopped by that government, she added.


Criticising the BNP's "Goat Programme" during its tenure, Sheikh Hasina said desired development could in no way be achieved through such "Goat Economy", rather there must be a specific planning to develop the country.