Jos Buttler keeps Bangladesh in advance position

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3rd October, 2016 03:29:49 printer

Jos Buttler keeps Bangladesh in advance position

Photo: Vice-captain of England ODI team Jos Buttler

The vice-captain of England ODI team Jos Buttler kept Bangladesh in advanced position before starting the upcoming series against Bangladesh.


The question seemingly was raised who is the favorite of the series? Is it not Bangladesh? “Yes, probably it is Bangladesh” – answered Jos Buttler.


“They won in last three occasions out of four we encountered. But we have been playing wonderful cricket for last 18 months as well and it is nice to come here to play another one day international series. We are playing exciting cricket” – said Buttler.


It is of no doubt that England is playing exciting cricket – when one take a look at their scorecards of the ODI matches played after the World Cup, these are studded with dominant batting by the English side. They have reached 300 run mark in 13 of their innings and in 6 innings, the score line crossed even 350 mark. The world record of the highest ODI innings is also under their belt as they reached 444 against Pakistan in their last series.


“Perhaps the nature of attack will have to be slightly changed in Bangladesh but I will say everyone to play attacking cricket. The condition in here might inflict some restrictions” – said Buttler.


After registering their sixth consecutive home series win, Bangladesh is in a position to threaten to any opposition in the cricket world.