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Kate's parenting technique revealed

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  • 1st October, 2016 01:35:49 PM
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Kate's parenting technique revealed


The photos of her great grandchildren's arrival in Canada on Saturday surely made the Queen beam with pride.


However, Her Majesty might not have been as impressed with her granddaughter in-law the Duchess of Cambridge who performed what is deemed a royal parenting faux pas on day one of their Canadian tour, reports NH.


As the family touched down at Victoria airport the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge lead their two children Princess Charlotte and Prince George off the plane.


At one point Kate, while holding Charlotte, squats down to Prince George's height in order to speak to her son - the same manouver that caused Prince William to receive a telling off from the Queen.


What is active listening?


The parenting technique known as active listening may not be favoured by the Queen but experts praise the use of it.


Child development expert Gill Connell told People magazine: "Active listening is one of the most important ways you can send the message, 'You're important to me.' Get down on the child's level, lean in and make eye contact."


"These simple messages foster self-esteem in powerful ways while encouraging him to communicate even more."