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Bangladesh beat Morocco in chess Olympiad

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  • 9th September, 2016 07:50:27 PM
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Bangladesh beat Morocco in chess Olympiad

Bangladesh women beat Morocco by 4-0 points in their 6th round games in the 42nd World Chess Olympiad at Baku in Azerbaijan on Thursday.



Bangladesh girl’s earned six match points and 13 game points.


WIM Shamima Akter Liza beat WIM Rania Sbai, Sharmin Sultana Shirin outplayed Mayar Elldrissi Firdous, WFM Nazrana Khan Eva crushed WFM Alaoui Belghiti Chaimaa and WFM Zakia Sultana defeated Ibrahimi Khadija.


In the open section, Bangladesh chess team drew with United Arab Emirates by 2-2 points.


GM Ziaur Rahman won against FM Saeed Ishaq and GM Niaz Murshed beat FM Al Huwar Jasem while GM Enamul Hossain lost to GM Salem A R Saleh and GM Mollah Abdullah Al Rakib conceded defeat to IM Omar Noaman.