Easy steps to keep dengue away

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2nd September, 2016 09:54:12 AM printer

Easy steps to keep dengue away




Dengue is a leading cause of sickness in tropics and sub-tropics. It is caused by one of the four serotypes (dengue virus one, two, three or four).


The water collected in containers, pot holes in the streets or wet patches like pools or lakes worsen the problem of this life threatening disease in rainy season. Experts say that mosquitoes not only breed in dirty and stagnant water, but they can breed in clean drinking water too in certain conditions. As this season has already begun, we all should do every bit to prevent dengue


The person infected by dengue virus shows mild or no symptoms in the beginning. Infection begins with a fever, severe headache, joint and muscle pain, pain behind the eyes, rashes on the skin, nausea and vomiting. Patient’s platelet count may drop drastically. Don’t take the symptoms lightly. They can become perilous and even deadly in a short span. Early recognition and timely treatment under medical supervision is a must to do in this case. There are some preventive measures which you can take to be away from this


Keep your surroundings hygienic during and immediately after rainy season so that mosquitoes cannot breed. Don’t keep containers outside your houses or balconies and gardens where rain water can get collected. Dispose of trash like tyres and coconut shells etc. properly. Get rid of any standing water that has been collected inside or outside your house and help to reduce mosquito population.


Use mosquito repellents in the form of body lotion, cream or spray to protect yourself from mosquito bites. Be careful after applying these repellents on your hands. Keep them away from your eyes and mouth. Don’t apply these repellents on the hands of small kids because they can put them in their mouth and rub their eyes unknowingly. It may cause irritation or some other problem.


The dengue carrying mosquito mostly bites early in the morning or just before the dusk. It is a day time feeder. So be more vigilant in the day time to get infected by a mosquito bite. Try to stay indoors as much as possible during peak mosquito feeding time. Leave a liquid electric mosquito repellent plugged in for the whole day to protect yourself. Keep burning mosquito coils in open areas like varandas, balconies and gardens.


Always use mosquito nets while sleeping. It is not necessary that this mosquito bites only in day time. Though, the probabilities are less at bed time but you cannot avoid the threat of being infected. So take all care at night too and protect yourself from mosquito bites.


Get your house and surroundings fumigated if there are many mosquitoes around. You can take help of municipal-corporation of your local area for mass fumigation of your locality. This may kill many dengue and other mosquitoes and even stop their breeding to some extent.


Dengue is treatable in most of the cases. But there is no vaccine or specific medicine available to prevent the disease yet. So it becomes important to protect yourself from this dreadful disease. See a doctor immediately if you suspect dengue fever. You may require blood pressure monitoring, blood transfusions and other interventions that must be administered by medical professionals. Prevention of this disease is always better than its cure. Be alert and be well.