Bangladesh gets $503.78m in remittance in Aug | 2016-08-19

Bangladesh gets $503.78m in remittance in Aug

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19th August, 2016 03:38:01 printer

Bangladesh gets  $503.78m in remittance in Aug

The country received $503.78 million in remittance during the first 12 days of the current month of August.

Bangladesh Bank statistics shows that maximum remittance came through private commercial banks as they received $334.09 million while the nine foreign banks $5.51 million.

Four state-owned commercial banks-Agrani, Janata, Rupali and Sonali-received $159.99 million from expatriate Bangladeshis while four state-owned specialised banks got $4.19 million.

Among the private commercial banks, Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited (IBBL) led the remittance earning as it received $125.81 million, followed by Dutch-Bangla Bank with $21.71 million.

Of the state-owned banks, Agrani Bank received $61.41 million, Sonali Bank $48.06 million, Janata Bank $42.47 million and Rupali Bank $8.06 million.

Among other private banks which are in leading positions in earning remittance include National Bank Limited ($20.24mn), Pubali Bank ($18.06mn), Uttara ($17.97mn), Bank Asia ($13.6mn) Mercantile Bank ($12.18mn), Prime Bank ($10.99mn), NCC Bank ($8.95mn), Southeast Bank ($8.7mn), Brac Bank ($8.47mn), and Trust Bank ($7.95mn).

As in previous days, the NRB banks showed a poor performance in receiving remittance although the government allowed the establishment of these banks with high hopes in this regard.

Of the three NRB banks, NRB Bank received only $0.02 million while NRB Commercial Bank $0.05 million and NRB Global Bank $0.05 million in remittance from non-resident Bangladeshis during the period, reports unb.

There are some other private banks which also showed poor performance in remittance earning during the period as they received below two million. These banks are Farmers Bank ($0.07mn), SBAC Bank ($0.37mn), One Bank ($0.35mn), Modhumati Bank ($0.05mn), Midland B8ank ($0.06mn), Meghna Bank ($0.62mn), ICB Islamic Bank ($0.02mn), Exim Bank ($0.38mn), IFIC Bank ($0.82mn) and Shahjalal Islami Bank ($1.85mn).