Top 10 quotes from Hillary Clinton’s speech at DNC 2016 | 2016-07-29 |

Top 10 quotes from Hillary Clinton’s speech at DNC 2016

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29th July, 2016 11:46:54 printer

Top 10 quotes from Hillary Clinton’s speech at DNC 2016

Hillary Clinton gave her acceptance speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. She is now the official presidential nominee of the Democrats for the US presidential elections 2016. Setting a milestone, Clinton is the first woman to be nominated for president from a major political party, 96 years after women in the US got the right to vote.


In her speech, she talked about everyone who has supported her, thanking them and asking America to work together because they were ‘stronger together’. Throughout her speech, she also attacked Donald Trump for sowing the seeds of divisiveness and hate in America. She singled out his business mindset and said his pitch for the president of the United States was a ‘sales pitch’.


Here are the top 10 quotes from her speech at the Democratic Convention 2016:


* “America is stronger because of President Obama’s leadership, and I’m better because of his friendship.”


* “Bernie, your campaign inspired millions of Americans, particularly the young people who threw their hearts and souls into our primary. You’ve put economic and social justice issues front and center, where they belong. And to all of your supporters here and around the country: I want you to know, I’ve heard you.”


* “Our Founders embraced the enduring truth that we are stronger together. America is once again at a moment of reckoning. Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart. Bonds of trust and respect are fraying. And just as with our founders there are no guarantees. It’s truly is up to us. We have to decide whether we’re going to work together so we can all rise together.”


* “Donald Trump wants to divide us – from the rest of the world, and from each other. He’s betting that the perils of today’s world will blind us to its unlimited promise. He’s taken the Republican Party a long way…from “Morning in America” to “Midnight in America”. He wants us to fear the future and fear each other.”


* “Don’t let anyone tell you that our country is weak. We’re not. Don’t let anyone tell you we don’t have what it takes. We do. And most of all, don’t believe anyone who says: “I alone can fix it.””


* “I get it that some people just don’t know what to make of me. So let me tell you. The family I’m from … well, no one had their name on big buildings. My family were builders of a different kind. Builders in the way most American families are. They used whatever tools they had – whatever God gave them – and whatever life in America provided – and built better lives and better futures for their kids.”


* “Tonight, we’ve reached a milestone in our nation’s march toward a more perfect union: the first time that a major party has nominated a woman for President. Standing here as my mother’s daughter, and my daughter’s mother, I’m so happy this day has come. Happy for grandmothers and little girls and everyone in between…When there are no ceilings, the sky’s the limit.”


* In America, if you can dream it, you should be able to build it. We’re going to help you balance family and work. And you know what, if fighting for affordable child care and paid family leave is playing the “woman card,” then Deal Me In!”


* “Donald Trump says, and this is a quote, “I know more about ISIS than the generals do..” No, Donald, you don’t.”


* “America’s destiny is ours to choose. So let’s be stronger together.”