p RAB Chief for negotiation with hostage-takers | 2016-07-02

RAB Chief for negotiation with hostage-takers

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2nd July, 2016 12:48:07 printer

RAB Chief for negotiation with hostage-takers

Aiming to a peaceful conclusion of Gulshan restaurant hostage crisis, the law enforcers are trying to contact the criminals inside the restaurant for holding a talk.


Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) Director General Benazir Ahmed said about the move while talking to the reporters at the spot.


“We also want to talk to the arms-carrying misguided youth who have kept the restaurant visitors hostage,” Benazir Ahmed said.


The RAB DG also said some employees of the restaurant have been able to come out of the restaurant.


“We are trying to end the situation peacefully. And to the end, we seek your [newsmen] support,” said the RAB boss, asking newsmen to stop live telecast from the spot.


“We want to contact the gunmen. We want to hear them... definitely, we can talk and resolve this crisis peacefully. This is our first target,” said the RAB chief.


“Every life, even that of the misguided one, is valuable to us,” he added.