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Illicit drugs rampant in Kadamtali-Shampur

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  • 1st July, 2016 04:46:37 PM
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Illicit drugs rampant in Kadamtali-Shampur

Buriganga Bridge, Alambagh, Munsibari, Jurain graveyard and some other areas of capital’s Shampur and Kadamtali Thana turns into a safe haven for drug traders after every evening. If someone walks through the alley of this part of old city during nightfall, virulent stench of cannabis will engulf him for sure.


After visiting the area and talking with the local people, this correspondent understand that, every road of this area become virtually a drug store during night. In the consequence, the youth of these areas are becoming addicted. The guardians of these young people are living with fear about the prospect of their successor.  But local could not say anything against the drug traders as they are doing business under the shelter of influential people. There has also allegation against police that they are taking money from drug traders.


It has seen in the both sides of Dhaka-Mawa highway that some people are selling cannabis openly in Human Hauler and Bus stand adjacent to the Buriganga Bridge.


Phensedyl bottles were found in various parts of the area including Karimullarbag, Munshibari, Tulabagicha, Jurain graveyard and in Jurain Railline areas. These areas are under the purview of 54 no ward of Dhaka South City Corporation. When tried to communicate with the councilor of the ward Md. Masud, he refused to talk on this matter.


Seeking anonymity, some inhabitants of Postgola, Alambagh informed that, Shawan of Postogla and Shakil of Tulabagicha are controlling the drug business in those areas. Yousuf, Shamim, of Alambagh, Md Shakil, Rayhan, Baby Akter, Anik and Kajal of Tulabagicha, Shohel, Pan Sajib of Postogola, Masum, of Munshibar, Arif of Khondoker road are selling drug in the associated with duo. More than 20-25 persons are working in field level under their leadership.


About the allegation against police, OC of Shampur Thana, Sheikh Abdur Rajjak said, there has some allegation against some members of the police. The matter is in under surveillance. The operation will remain continue to control the drug.