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Brisk drug business in Rangpur

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  • 1st July, 2016 02:29:38 PM
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Brisk drug business in Rangpur

Aiming to earn a large amount of money in the upcoming Eid, drug traders of Brisk drug business in Rangpur are becoming active all over the city. Narcotics are inflowing to Bangladesh from India where the traders are using the Charanchal of Padma as route. In the police drive, number of traders being held with drug but they are becoming involve in this business after getting bail from the court.


To control drug smuggling, local police recently started special drive against the drug dealers. As a part of its operation, police has arrested drug dealer Jamiar Rahman with Phensedyl on last Wednesday.


It has known that, Gajghanta Union of Gongachara Upazila in Brisk drug business in Rangpur is known as storehouse of Phensedyl. Beside the Phensedyl, wine, marijuana, toddy and cannabis are also available here. Along with the local youth, outer people are becoming addicted. Before someday, Gazaghonta bazaar was lone place for Phensedyl but now it has spreaded throughout the Union.


Local sources said, apart from Gojghonta Village drug business are also going on under the bridge of Manas river, Habu Panchmatha, Kisamot Habu Swasanghat, over the Rajballav barrage, Chalapak Char, Koypara, Custombazar, Kagazipara and in Umar Village.


Local people alleged, police has been conducting operation seldom and collecting three or four bottles of Phensedyl but the main businessmen remain untouched.


In this regard, Chairman of Gojghonta Union Parishad, Azizul Islam said, in the time of transporting, some drug dealers being arrested by law enforcers but they again got involved in this business after getting bail. So it is becoming very difficult to stop drug smuggling in this area.


According to the Gongachar Thana source, on October 11 of 2007, drug traders Alek Factory being killed in crossfire with RAB in Chandipur area.  In that drive, RAB has seized 98 bottles of Phensedyl and a local shot gun. But that could not stop the drug business in that route.


OC of Gongachra Model Thana Jinnat Ali said, drug dealers of various areas have build syndicate to transport drugs. For that reason, we could not arrest the main culprits. He also said, targeting the Eid , they are using various techniques to smuggled drug. We have started a special drive in last Monday to control drug smuggling.