Friday, 27 January, 2023

Depredation of dogs

No exemption from ownerless dogs

No exemption from ownerless dogs

The inhabitants of Dhaka are not going to get rid of from the nuisance of ownerless dogs soon. The killing of unclaimed dog has stopped before many days as the Dhaka City has declared it as no killing zone. On the other hand, City Corporation authority could not take any effective initiative to reduce the breeding of dog by ligation. The authority was also unable to provide any vaccine of rabies.  But they reassured that the problem will be solved by the running year.


In January of 2012, ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives has declared Dhaka City as a no killing zone. In the March of same year, Dhaka City Corporation and non government organization Obhoyaronno have signed an agreement in this regard. According to the agreement, for the dog population management, Obhoyaronno will take effective initiatives to ligate of dog in alternative to arbitrary killing. At the same time, it will provide vaccine of rabies to dog.


Obhoyaronno claims that, between the 2012-1014, they have served vaccine and ligation materials to 10 thousand dogs in 36 words of City Corporation.  After that, the project of that organisation remains close for long time. According to the City Corporation source, there are more than 60 thousand ownerless dogs in Dhaka city.


On the other hand, on April 28, Dhaka North City Corporation has signed an agreement again with Obhoyaronno. According to the agreement, this organization will perform ligation work to four thousand dogs in the Dhaka North City Corporation. But Obhoyaronno could not start the programme because of budget constraint. Obhoyaronno source said, they will start the programme in the next July.


Meanwhile, Dhaka South City Corporation has decided to provide ligation and rabies vaccine on its own. Chief health officer of Dhaka South City Corporation brigadier general Dr Md Saidur Rahman said, we have demanded allocation of two crores 70 lakh taka for this work in running fiscal year. If we get approval, we will be able to perform ligation to 15 thousand dogs and inject 30 thousand rabies vaccines in the next one year.


He added, if we awarded this work to third party, they will take 2800 taka for the ligation of each dog. But now we will be able to do the same work by only 1500 taka where 150 taka for vaccination.


He also said, there has a veterinary section in City Corporation with three skilled veterinary surgeons. But we could not use their skill so far. In the meantime, we have ligated a number of dogs experimentally before some days. We expect that, we will gain success in this work.