TK12 crore penalties for mosquito killing

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30th June, 2016 06:12:35 printer

TK12 crore penalties for mosquito killing

In the fiscal year 2015-16, Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) has spend 12 crore taka in mosquito control project. In spite of the spending of sufficient amount it could not yield expected result. The number of dengue affected fever people were higher compared to the last eight years. For the reason, the allotment to fight against mosquito has augmented almost double for the fiscal 2016-2017.  


On June 6, the mayor of Dhaka North City Corporation Annisul Huq has announced the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2016-17. It has allotted 23 crore 25 lakh taka to mosquito control program. In the budget, 20 crore taka has proposed for buying medicine and relevant tools, dress of mosquito control staffs and for their security related cost. More 1 crore and 25 laka taka will be spend for buying fagor, wheel and spray machine of mosquito. Dhaka North City Corporation has 279 staffs to control mosquito.


About mosquito control program, mayor Annisul Huq said, we have kept additional amount for this programme compared to the previous year. In total, around 28 crore taka will be spend for mosquito control we are proceeding in a plan way.


In this regard, chief health officer of DNCC brigadier general SMM Saleh Bhuyan said, we have taken more allotment by requesting the Mayor. It will bring benefit in our work. We have taken special allotment to buy mosquito control tools.


According to the revised budget of 2015-16, 11 crore 95 lakh taka had spend for DNCC mosquito control activities. They also spend 2 crore 20 lakh taka to buy mosquito control machines.


Inspit of that, in the last year, 3 thousand 162 people of Dhaka has suffered from Dengue fever which is the highest in the last eight years. According to the Epidemiology, Disease Control & Research website, the number of Dengue affected people in the March of this year was 13. The number moved up to 41 and 76 in April and March where it lifts up to 114 till the date of June 28.