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Mismanagement, lack of plan behind capital's traffic jam

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  • 30th June, 2016 03:04:08 PM
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Mismanagement, lack of plan behind capital's traffic jam

The minimum road requirement for a standard city is 25% to keep the vehicular movement normal, whereas Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh has only 7-8% road of its total area. The lower amount of road is one of the main reasons behind the traffic congestion in the capital. However, it is not the only one; but there are more reasons to augment the suffering.


Furthermore, 7-8% roads of the capital which are now in operation are not being used properly. CNG stations besides road, dumping of debris and construction materials on road, illegal car parking, water logging, keeping waste container on the road, dilapidated road, unskilled driving are the main causes behind traffic congestion in Dhaka. Experts said that mismanagement and unplanned work are the reasons behind those elements.


City planner Iqbal Hamid said, the relevant authority are not going through the way which could solve the traffic jam of the capital. Flyover being constructed here and there without any plan where CNG filling stations have established of its both parts. A large numbers of cars are seen to waiting there to take fuel.  Why the authorities did not think this before constructing flyover by costing hundreds of thousands crore taka?


Iqbal Hmid also said the main problem is unplanned use of land. RAJUK is the authority to make the plan for town, City Corporations to provide service, and police compelled people to use road according to their whim. There has no co-ordination among those organizations. To control this traffic jam it requires coordinated initiatives and its proper implementation.


Filling stations on road: To lessen the traffic jam of Dhaka, an overpass being constructed in Mahakhali. But next to the Mahakhali police box, there has a CNG station. Hundreds of cars are queuing there to take fuel by creating traffic jam. From the Tejgaon Satrasta Mor to Mahakhali, there have three CNG stations which are creating immense traffic congestion in that area.


A part of Malibagh-Mowchak Flyover has opened recently. After the inauguration, it was assumed that to reach Mahakhali form Ramna it will take 5 minutes but now it is taking almost one hour because of a CNG station situated very adjacent to the Holy Family Hospital.


After landing from Kuril Flyover there has a CNG station on Progoti Sharani. Apart from that, there are many other filling stations on the various busy roads in the capital. Relevant expatriates opined that, these CNG stations on the busy road are the main cause for traffic jam.


Illegal parking by occupying road: It is a common scenario in Dhaka city that construction materials are being placed on road by occupying city road. Vehicles are seen to be parked on the road as many building has no parking space. In addition, which buildings have parking space they have established showroom, godwan and restaurant by destroying those space.


Dilapidated road and danger of development:  there are many broken places on several main roads in the city for a long time. There are some other roads where water logging is common scenario. Large ditch being surface under water and people are getting injured by falling in it. Vehicles have to drive slowly in those road resulting acute traffic jams.


Majority portions of the road of Shantinagar have been closed for last two years because of construction work of a Flyover. Rest parts of the road is filled with numbers of dig.  


Apart from that, digging of road in the name of development work in rainy season helped to fuel up the traffic jam. BTRC, Dhaka WASA, City Corporations, BTCL along with some other organizations are digging road throughout the rainy season.


Waste containers on Road: On the road of Dhaka South City Corporations area, there are 322 waste containers where 500 in the Dhaka North City Corporation areas. These containers are occupying half of the busy road. Waste containers are being placed on the road of Science Laboratory, Khilgaon Rail Ghate, Kotoali, Bongshal, Jatrabari, Postogola, Basabo, Mathertaek, Goran, Shipaibagh, Moradia, Malibagh, Chalkbazar, Lalbagh, Gulistan, Magbazar, Rampura, Badda, Baridhara, Kalsi, Uttara, Mirpur-1, 10 and Mazar road, Gabtoly, Mhammadpur and some other areas.