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Education system, the scapegoat of experiment

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  • 27th June, 2016 03:47:50 PM
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Education system, the scapegoat of experiment

Education system of Bangladesh is going through various experiments. The policy makers are incorporating one after another method without thinking its pros and cons. After inception of a new method, it gains some applause in the beginning but after some days it is being pricked by many contradictions. In that situation, with the criticism the method continued for more 5-7 years. At one stage when criticism increased, the authority cancel the method and incorporate new one leaving students in quandary.


In that situation, students have to face new method before copping up with old one. Because of inexperience, teachers also have to cope with the new method. As a result standard of education are decreasing day by day.


In the education policy of 2010, it has recommended to upgrade the primary education till class eight within 2018. Six years has already elapsed but nothing has done so far with that recommendation. But in a new move, the government takes a decision to upgrade the primary education to class eight in last month.


Although, in 2013, Primary and Mass Education ministry starts class six in 596 primary schools. Then class seven and class eight being incorporated gradually in those schools. But its activities are now limited with some regular work.


In light with the national education policy, preparation of new books for class five has already been completed. But they could not start to implement it in class eight.


In this situation, it has not been decided that, whether class six, seven and eight will be adjusted or course curriculum being changed from class one to eight.  


In 2009, PSC examination begins with massive criticism. Now government has decided in principle to stop the PSC examination from this year. But in national education policy of 2010 and in national education commission in 2003, there was no mention of this matter. In spite of that, the process has been continued for seven years.


Syed Manjurul Islam of Dhaka University said our education system is going through a numbers of experiments. We are planning without thinking its pros and cons. The education policy of 2010 is very fine but it should implement in phases.  We have chosen ladder to go upward but the ladder has no steps.


To realize the education system of various countries, almost 300 government officials have visited many countries. But they could not bring any positive result to our education system.


Educationist Dr AKM Shahnewaz said, our policy makers has two problems. Firstly they are not experienced about curriculum.  Secondly, they are installing new method without thinking it drawback.


Creative education system starts in 2008. But eight years of its incorporation, even teacher could not understand the system so far.  So the system is going through patchwork.  As a result, students could not adapt with that method.


MCQ system was incepted in 1991. But after some criticism, the authorities are now reducing the number in MCQ gradually.


According to the information of education ministry, in 2009, the numbers of students in vocational education was less than one percent. But now the number reached to 14 percent. But educationists could not understand why the number has increased so high within seven years. Experts also criticize the standard vocational education.


Pro Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University Dr. Md Akhtaruzzaman said, text book is very complex in Bangladesh which forced students to approach for tuition class. It requires reforming the curriculum. Creative is a natural matter that will come automatically.


About the experiment of education system in Bangladesh, Akhtaruzzaman said, various methods of different countries are entering in our education system. Various experiments are going on. There has weakness in infrastructural and education system in Bangladesh. It must have to solve with long-term plan. We have a good education policy; and if we could go with the policy then the positive result will come one day.