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Joint operation against yaba

Yaba godfathers hiding in Dhaka

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  • 26th June, 2016 03:51:30 PM
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Yaba godfathers hiding in Dhaka

Saiful, an inhabitant of Teknaf of Cox’s Bazar is now residing in Dhaka. Once he was working in C&F office of Cox’s Bazar. But after some days he switched his way of living. Initially he was involved in a racket of Yaba circle who smuggled the drug from Myanmar. Gradually he builds a circle of his own.


After earning a huge amount of money through Yaba business he performed Hajj some years before. Now, Yaba Saiful turned to Hazi Saiful. Hazi Siaful is now a godfather, owner of hundreds of thousands crore taka. Sensing some problem from law enforching agency in Cox’s Bazar, he toured to Dhaka and now controlling his yaba business from the capital. But there has no trace of Hazi Saiful in police track list.


Not only Saiful, in the same way, Yaba godfather Sukkur is also running his Cox’s bazaar realm staying in capital. According to the information, in the time of joint operation against drug, six yaba businessmen being killed in crossfire with law enforcers in Cox’s bazaar. After that crossfire, the leading yaba traders have fled from Cox’s Bazar and are now staying in capital and other big towns. But law enforcers could not give any information regarding the number of yaba traders now living in Dhaka.


From the April 2014, joint operation being conducted against yaba traders for one year. In that operation, six yaba traders being killed in cross fire while rests leave the area fearing the same fortune.


To prevent yaba smuggling, BGB repeatedly seeks help from Myanmar but no respite. In this circumstances, now yaba smugglers are doing their business using various techniques.


To smuggle the yaba, the traders are using women as carrier.


To cope with the new techniques of yaba traders, BGB are thinking to use their women force.


When asked about the matter, BGB director general major general Aziz Ahmed said, drug is a big challenge for us. We gained success in drive against phensydile. Yaba is coming from Myanmar. There are many small factories for Yaba making in the border area targeting Bangladesh. We are arranging meeting with Myanmar border force after every three months and request them to stop those factories but they do not lend their helping hands. We have to increase diplomatic effort to solve the problem.


God fathers of yaba are now in Dhaka: Abdus Sukkur, a listed Yaba godfather of Teknaf. He is a brother of a ruling party leader. Fearing the oppression from law enforcers, he is now living in Dhaka. Along with Sukkur, former commissioner, Farid Alam, Mojammel Haque, Nezam Uddin, Abdullah, Mia Hossen, Amir Hossen Ledu, Jafar, Nurul Amin, Gafur, Md. Ali, Ziabul Haque, Md. Ayas, Md. Angu, Md. Illias, Md Saker, Hasan Ali, Md. Reza, Shamsunnaher Joty, Nur Bashar Mizzi, Jaker, Sona Mia, Langu, Md. Selim, Ihsak, Moynna, Ismail, Afser, Enam, Mahbub, Md. Solaiman, Abdul Haque, Abdur Rashid, Karim, Patoynna, Alam, Dilder Alam, Absul Ali, Md. Harun, Ziaur Rahman, Md. Younus, Ismayel, Hosen Ahmed, Mowlavi Mojibur Rahman, Md shafiq, Faysal, Mowlavi Jahir Ahmed, Jahirul Islam, Md Alam, Salim, Islam Abdul Amin, Rezaul Karim, Abdul Wahab, are now residing in Dhaka, Chittagong and other big cities of Bangladesh.


Source: Kaler Kantho