CIP Jasoda Jibon gets death threat | 2016-06-23 |

CIP Jasoda Jibon gets death threat

GD filed with Dhanmondi PS

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23rd June, 2016 08:51:01 printer

CIP Jasoda Jibon gets death threat

Jasoda Jibon Debnath, one of the Commercial Important Persons (CIP) of Bangladesh, received death threat from unknown callers as he declined to pay tolls, Dhanmondi police said on Thursday.


Jibon filed a General Diary (GD) with the police station on Wednesday (June 22) seeking necessary actions from law enforcement authority.


He said two men have been following him riding on a motorbike from June 17 when he walked out from the Dhanmondi (Road-7) residence for office (NSC Tower) in the east-side of Baitul Mokarram in the city.


Earlier, he received phone calls from two separate mobile numbers asking him to pay a huge amount of tolls.


In the GD, he said his business rival may be involved in the events.


Young businessman Jibon is serving as managing director of Technomedia Ltd and owns several private firms. Some 1500 employs-- technical, administration, accounts, supply chain and security professionals are working in these firms.


He said his firm Technomedia alone supplied over 70 percent of ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) to the banking sector and consistently providing post-installation maintenance services.


Jibon has been elected as CIP for the current term (2015-16) for his outstanding contribution to the economy and society through business with integrity.


A MBA degree holder from Dhaka University’s IBA Faculty, Jibon is well-known for his smiling behavior to his business partners, friends and community members.


He enjoys the post of vice president of Dhanmondi Puja Udjapon Parisad for last couple of years.