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Harmful chemical using in bakery production

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  • 23rd June, 2016 06:06:54 PM
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Harmful chemical using in bakery production

Mobile court of RAB has fined 3 lakh and 50 thousand taka to two organizations of capital Chockbazar area for producing cake, bread and biscuit by mixing chemical with sugar and flour.


According to the RAB source, a mobile court led by RAB headquarters magistrate Md. Sarwar Alam conducted the raid in the two bakeries named Al Nur Products and Meem Food Products.


Mobile Court has found that cake, bread and biscuit have been producing by mixing ammonium nitrate for couple of years.


Mobile court has seized 29 sacks of ammonium nitrate from the two bakeries. Because of its acute stench, it was difficult to stay in the place when a sack of ammonium nitrate was being opened.


Without taking any license from BSTI they were using BSTI standard mark illegally. For the offence, they have fined one lakh and fifty thousand taka to Al Nur Products and 2 lakh to Meem food products. The seized ammonium nitrate being destroyed in City Corporation’s Matuyal dumping station.


Executive magistrate Sarwar Alam said, there has risk of cancer and can damage kidney if the ammonium nitrate mixed food being taken.