Malibagh Rail Gate to Shantinagar: a road of misery | 2016-06-23

Malibagh Rail Gate to Shantinagar: a road of misery

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23rd June, 2016 02:50:45 printer

Malibagh Rail Gate to Shantinagar:  a road of misery

To reach Shantinagar to Malibagh Rail Gate, it would take 10 minutes if someone tries it by feet. But if someone rides on bus it will have to spend 1 hour to reach the same place. And if it is rainy time then you are advised to prepare yourself for endure misery. The water remains stagnant for couple of hours here after rain. It becomes impossible to walk some time when traffic congestion and dilapidated road amalgamate to increase sufferings. Instead of the fact, it is better to walk to pass the road if you want to reach your destination quickly.


All walk of people including service holders, businessmen, students, and day labourers have to move throughout the road. The commuters of this road said, after beginning of the construction of overbridge in 2013 the sufferings peaked high. The suffering lingered with the delaying of the completion of overbridge construction.   


It has seen that some bricks being put temporarily in the big pits of Malibagh Railgate circle. Buses are running by swing left and right. Long congestion being persist in the road all the week round except holiday.


College student Farhana Islam said, we were able to pass the road in 40 minutes previously where now it is taking more than two hours.  


The road bound to Shantinagr of Malibagh to Mowchak is seen clogged with water for overbridge construction work. Rod, cement and construction materials are being kept on road haphazardly led to shrinking the road in both side.  


A coaching student Sabbir said, there has no traffic police here. People and buses are crossing the road simultaneously. It may occurred accident anytime here.

Traffic police of Mowchak Abdur Rahim said, it requires more than six traffic police here to control traffic. But there has only three who have to work from morning to evening having fasting.


Sub Inspector Mahbub who is performing his duty in the area said we are trying our best to control traffic jam. But because of the construction work of over bridge the road situation is getting dilapidated. As a result traffic jam becomes a common phenomenon for the people of this area.