Foot overbridge: safe place for Hawkers, Vagrants

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21st June, 2016 01:09:02 printer

Foot overbridge: safe place for Hawkers, Vagrants

Case study 1: A foot overbridge situated very adjacent to the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque. Flies are buzzing on the floor. Bad stenches spread throughout the overbridge. Numbers of vagrants are sleeping on the bridge. They are sleeping by covering up their whole body with filthy cloth. Bad odors are thinning out from their body. Flies are roaming on their mouth. Urine and excrement are seen beside their so called bed.


On the other side of the bridge, three adolescents are seen to seat leaning on the railing. They are trying to inhale something from a polythene bag. Their whole body is tainted with dirt and the cloth which they are wearing up is very filthy. Their feet are bare, pants are a torn, and hairs are disheveled.


Due to the incompatible milieu, it is becoming difficult to use the foot overbridge for pedestrians.


Case Study 2: It is 12 O clocks at New Market. There has a foot overbridge adjacent to the Balaka Cinema Hall. But the foot overbridge is not useable as hawkers has already occupied the almost 60 percent of the both side of it. In the month of Ramadan, thousands of customers thronged here for Eid shopping but their way to cross the road is not smooth. They have to struggle to pass the road.



Majority parts of the bridge being occupied by hawkers where they rendition their goods on plastic or gunny sacks. Someone is selling their goods standing on the overbridge. Same situation also exists in the Dhanmondi Hawkers market adjacent foot overbridge. Same scenarios are also prevailed in the all foot overbridges of the capital.


The apathy of authority, lacking in maintenance are the main cause for this unsuitable conditions of foot overbridge. Foot over bridges in Palton, Poribagh, New Market, Shahbagh, Tikatuli, Banani, Khilkhet along with other areas are safe haven for drug addicts who passed their time here all the day round. Not only that they also take the drug in the brought day light sitting on the overbridge.


In the other hand, the tyrannies of Hawkers are increasing day by day. Some Hawkers has starting to put permanent shop in over bridge. The pedestrians could not use the foot overbridge spontaneously because of the oppression of Hawker and junkie.  As a result, pedestrian has to take risk to cross the road instead of using foot overbridge.


After evening, the food overbridges become the safe haven for snatcher where pedestrians have to lost their belonging on the overbridge.


Some vagrant already made the overbridg as their family dwelling house. They are passing their day night on the overbridge. They are using the bridge as toilet so the bridge becoming filthy. 


Pedestrians alleged that due to the lack of maintenance, the environment of foot overbridge is getting dirty and unusable. They are taking the various drug in brought day light. Many of them are directly involved in thefting and snatching.


So the pedestrians, asked authority to take strong initiative evict those hawkers, vagrants and drug addict people from foot over bridge.