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Jahangirnagar University: Kingdom of natural beauty

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  • 2nd June, 2016 06:27:45 PM
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If someone is planning to make a short jaunt near Dhaka, then he/she is welcome to a place which is full of life & nature and opens up all its serenity especially in winter. I can give you surety that the place will bring you back to life from the dusty city-routine. The place is not far from the capital and located at 30 kilometers north of Dhaka city. The name of the place is Jahangirnagar University which is the only fully residential university in Bangladesh established in 1970.



Now, a sweltering summer days went down with the sun throughout the country. But summer is the time when nature starts to come into bud. And Jahangirnagar is a place where one can really see the splendor of nature in this scorching summer day as the campus looks like heaven in spring.


As Jahangirnagar University (JU) is one of my preferred places for a quick getaway, the campus become vibrant with tourist in weekends. Some Krishnachura in bloom will welcome you right beside the main gate.


You have to make the plan to set the journey according to the season. It would better to start journey at 6:30 am in winter and after 4:00 Pm in summer when the sun becoming tired.


How to reach


There are plenty of public transports available from almost all parts of Dhaka but the quickest way would be to drive your own vehicle. Depending on from where you are commuting, it will take from 1 hour to 1.8 hours for you to reach JU.



Rickshaw is the best way to travel around Jahangirnagar University Campus while you will have to pay around 35-50 taka. You can walk around the campus in around 60 to 85 minutes covering the whole area of 5-6 kms.


Getting around natural beauty


Jahangirnagar University is called the realm of natural beauty. To take a fresh breath and to see the natural campus, thousands of people visit this university every year.


The whole campus is encircled by various types of trees and 12-13 lakes. The water features sprawled around the campus make an excellent habitat for the winter birds that flock in every year in thousands. In winter, the migratory birds come here to escape from severe cold of their native countries. There has a beautiful lake named Padda Pukur behind the VC residence where thousands of migratory birds sing their song with their own tune in winter  which will pleased you very much. The road between Kabir Sharoni to Chourasta should be most attractive as you will be greeted with thousands of Migratory Birds and red water lilies.



If you are fortunate person, then you could find some wild life here as the zoology department of Jahangirnagar University conducting a wild life rescue center which conserves some wild life helping to marmalade the ecological balance.


Have you ever know about Butterfly Park? Jahangirnagar University has a butterfly research centre and a butterfly park which is unique in Bangladesh. You will be able to see a wide verity of beautiful butterfly in a single area. 


The highest Monument commemorating the language movement is situated in Jahangirnagar University. This sculpture named Amor Ekushe is well known all over the country and lots of people visit this University to see the highest language movement monument in Bangladesh. The Shahid Minar is a place where you can enjoy a hangout with your friends and family and enjoy some tea. There are two other monuments nearby which can be worth seeing.



Moreover, there has a big play ground named centre field and a beautiful central Mosque located near the main entrance. 


Monni Shoroni and Chourongi yard are also well-known place in Jahangirnagar University.


You may enjoy drama and cultural programmes at Muktomoncho, a platform which established by the great artist Selim Al Deen. Different cultural groups usually performed here regularly. Shaptam Chayamancha is a great attraction for the visitors.


Where to Eat



Jahangirnagar University is a place where you can get food in very cheap rate and the item is claimed to be hygienic. Bot Tola, Tarzan Point, Dairy and Prantic gates are the popular places for food. If you are longing for a desi meal, Bot Tola is your best bet where you can have your lunch or dinner at a very low cost.  Bot Tola is famous for meals like 25 kinds of fried vegetables, as well as fish and meat curries. About 20 to 25 types of Bhorta are available here which prices ranging from 5-10 taka. If your want to take the test of Hilsha and Taki fish bhorta then you have to pay 10 taka while rests are in 5 taka.


The dishes are reasonably priced and the quality is good, almost like homemade food and claimed to be hygienic. An average meal will cost Tk 30-100 only. On weekends, different rich items like polao, tehari and khichuri are available, too.


Tarzan Point is popular for its Chotpoti and Fuchka. And Pitha Chattar is filled with many local pitha shops.


 If you are craving for Fast Food items then no tension as there are also six fast food places around the two entrances of the university, Dairy and Prantic gates. You can get it within the 5 minutes of order.