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Enjoying traditional Bengali food with life & nature in Jahangirnagar University

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  • 12th May, 2016 08:14:00 PM
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Enjoying traditional Bengali food with life & nature in Jahangirnagar University

If I ask a question that have you ever visit KFC? Someone may reply that yes I have visited KFC several times and other one may say I could not afford the cost of KFC so I was unable to take the test of KFC items. But I have an address of a KFC outlet which I can assure is affordable to everybody. Are you in confusion? I am not talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) which is mostly familiar to the upper class people but Kader Food Centre (KFC) which located in Bot Tola of Jahangirnagar University. If you are craving for traditional Bengali food, take a tour in Jahangirnagar University where KFC along with more 35-40 restaurants are ready to offer you such delicious foods.


If you are planning to make a short trip near Dhaka, then Jahangirnagar University, located at 30 kilometers north of the capital  is ready to welcome your with its beautiful campus which is full of life & nature and it opens up all its tranquility especially in winter. Lakes, trees, cheapest Bengali food, culture, water lilies and birds – it sure is enough to bring you back to life from the dusty city-routine.


Bot Tola, Tarzan Point, Dairy and Prantic gates are the popular places for food. If you are longing for a desi meal, Bot Tola is your best bet where you can have your lunch or dinner at a very low cost.  Bot Tola is famous for meals like 25 kinds of fried vegetables, as well as fish and meat curries. About 20 to 25 types of Bhorta are available here which prices ranging from 5-10 taka. If your want to take the test of Hilsha and Taki fish bhorta then you have to pay 10 taka while rests are in 5 taka.


The dishes are reasonably priced and the quality is good, almost like homemade food and claimed to be hygienic. An average meal will cost Tk 30-100 only. On weekends, different rich items like polao, tehari and khichuri are available, too.


If you are craving for Fast Food items then no tension as there are also six fast food places around the two entrances of the university, Dairy and Prantic gates. You can get it within the 5 minutes of order.


If you are looking for a quick snack you can go to Tarzan Point or Pitha Chattar near Transport. Tarzan Point is popular for it’s Chotpoti and Fuchka. And Pitha Chattar is filled with many local pitha shops.


Much of the country is reeling under a deadly heat wave in recent week which do not spared Jahangirnagar. So in this sweltering weather you desire for Ice cream, no tension only head over to Prantik Gate or Dairy Farm Gate (main gate) where ice cream or packaged snacks are available for you.