Crime situation worsens, govt claims otherwise | 2016-04-23 |

1500 Murdered in Three and a Half Months

Crime situation worsens, govt claims otherwise

SM Azad

23rd April, 2016 11:55:34 printer

Crime situation worsens, govt claims otherwise

Although the government statistics project the country’s law and order situation as normal, incidents of sensational crimes are on the rise, killings for trifling matter and murders after abduction are taking place frequently while violence as well as killings over the Union Parishad polls have increased.
According to experts, the main reasons behind the spurt in the crimes are social unrest and lack of justice.  
The government and the administration are claiming that the law and order situation in the country is normal, but the reports published in the newspapers do not substantiate this claim. Rather, sensational incidents occurring in the country one after another make this claim questionable.
An analysis of recent crimes showed that political violence, murders, kidnappings, forced disappearances, child persecution and killings have increased at an alarming rate. Hundreds of violent incidents are taking place over the ongoing UP elections. As many as 37 people have already been killed in these incidents of violence. And more than 1,500 people were murdered during the last three and a half months.
Human rights activists, psychologists, criminologists and social scientists say that although on the basis of the statistics, the law and order situation appeared to be satisfactory, the nature of the crimes is creating a culture of fear. The message of lack of justice is spreading as the criminals in many cases remain out of the reach of the law enforcers and the trend of crimes is getting deadlier due to this.
According to the experts, the crime situation in the country will come under control if the satellite culture, misuse of technology and the influence of drugs can be checked. The reports of human rights sources said despite an apparent fall in the crimes according to the statistics, incidents of brutality are rising. Murders, mass beating, child rape, gang rape, ‘crossfire’, persecution and trafficking of women and children have increased during the last one year.
However, the confidence of people in law rose at least slightly following the speedy trial of a number of murders including the killings of minor Rajon, Rakib, Sayeed and Sumon. But the law enforcers faced criticism repeatedly as some foreigners, bloggers and writers were killed in last one year and the mystery behind those murders could not be unearthed.
Sohagi Jahan Tonu, a student of Comilla Victoria Government College was killed by the miscreants on March 20 in the cantonment area. A movement is going on across the country demanding the arrest and trial of her killers.