Old Dhaka and Beauty Lassi

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14th April, 2016 03:17:00 printer

Old Dhaka and Beauty Lassi

Old Dhaka is not renowned for its conventional food only but also for its scrumptious drinks. A sip of these drinks will give somebody a heavenly taste and all sorts of weariness and exhaustion will stamp out within a moment. Many famous drinks of Mughal and Sultani period are still available in Old Dhaka including various types of Lassi/Sharbats.


Lassi, a North India originate traditional drink was brought to Bangladesh by the Sindh of Pakistan. It has now become an integral part of the Bangladeshi culture. Lassi-making is an art and everyone cannot prepare it. Although, Lassi is widely available and can be found in many Bengali food places, but the taste of the traditional lassi can only be found in the Chak Bazar of Old Dhaka as good Lassi-makers are difficult to find.  The Lassi makers of Old Dhaka have been in the profession for a long time and they are very popular for the Lassi that they make.


Lassi prepared with blending yogurt, water, sugar and ice. It is also sometimes consumed in another form by mixing spices, salt and pepper with it.


Beauty Lassi


Beauty Lassi and Faluda is one of the oldest shops in Dhaka. It is an eminently known shop for the traditional drinks of old Dhaka like lebur sharbat, doi lassi, beet lassi and faluda.   Beauty lassi and faluda opened around 94 years ago at 30/A Johnson Road. During the hot summer months, the lassi, faluda and lebur shorbot (lemonade) are in great demand.


People can find two types of Lassi here. Salty and sweet and can try both of them if anyone go there as both the flavor is good in its own way. The most popular item of Beauty is the Lebu Sherbet (lemonade). It is made from Lemon, ice, sugar and salt and it is served chilled. Beauty also serves its delicacies in wedding ceremonies, parties and events.


The main attraction of Beauty Lassi is its cheap prices as these mouth-watering drinks are available in between Tk 15 to Tk 60. As of now, it has not opened any other branches.