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‘Flight miss! Have a sound sleep, you are going tomorrow’

Muhtasim Al Mamun

22nd March, 2016 07:57:37 printer

‘Flight miss! Have a sound sleep, you are going tomorrow’

Photo: Expatriate Mr. Jahangir is smiling after getting a re-issued ticket by the arrangement of airport magistrate.

Expatriate Bangladeshis are the life force of our foreign currency. But they are being harassed in many ways in home and aboard. They had to face enormous harassment in the airports too.


But, now there are airport magistrates. Expatriates are gaining confidence to their services. Magistrates’ cordial cooperation in the airport is giving them a relief of sigh.


At 2:00 am on March 20, Mohammad Usuf, Executive Magistrate of the Shahjalal International Airport, got a phone call. After hearing the sound of weeping, he just said, “Flight miss, no tension. You must go tomorrow. Now stop crying, have a sound sleep and let me sleep too. Goodnight.”


Early morning on the next day, after checking the call list the magistrate made a call to that passenger and asked to come to the chamber by 9:00 am.


Saudi expatriate Mr. Jahangir Alam, a resident of Dagonbhuyan in Feni, came to Bangladesh by Qatar Airways with a return ticket several days back. His return flight was at 2:00 am on 19th March. But mistakenly he came at noon at 2:00 pm on the next day. Normally, he missed the flight.


Then, he rushed to the reservation office of the Qatar Airways at Tejgaon in the capital. But he did not manage the officer to re-issue the ticket with ‘no show charge’. Rather the officer replied, “You have gone to Saudi Arabia on the previous day! We have nothing to do.


Jahangir was in a mess. How can a person say that he has gone to Saudi last night while he is still there?


The relatives from Saudi Arabia suggested Jahangir to communicate with airport magistrates. Jahangir reached to the chamber of the magistrate at 9:00 am on 21st March according to that schedule.


The airline authority was summoned. After scrutinizing all the documents the magistrate found that there were two passengers on same name, Jahangir. As this Jahangir was absent, the airline authority mistakenly issued boarding pass for another Jahangir.


After considering every pros and cons Magistrate Usuf delivered these decisions-


1. Jahangir must be sent at the flight of 2:00 am today.

2. No re-issuing charge would be applicable for Jahangir.

3. The airline authority must arrange a standard hotel with food service for Jahangir to reside up to 2:00 am today.

4. The officers in reservation office responsible for misbehave must be brought under departmental punishment.

5. The airline must be vigilant to curb such incidents in future.



According to several sources, the two Executive Magistrates Md. Farhad Hossen and Md. Usuf are working for one and half years in Shahjalal International Airport. After joining of these two magistrates, the incidents of harassment and crime in the airport area all over the country have witnessed a drastic fall. They created a face book page titled 'Magistrates, All Airports of Bangladesh'. The inquisitive readers will be able to assess the standard of their online service if they take a look on this page.


The page has been created on December 18, 2014.  “We dare to chase, whoever the big shot, care very less. Let us know how you gonna be exploited. Extend your hands and kick the criminals out” the page writes in its short description.


The page suggests the victim to make a call to this number 01787-661166 in case of any kind of danger or crime at any airport of the country.  Besides, if you would like to contact with them through face book, just go through this link- Magistrates, All Airports of Bangladesh .